Upcoming Exhibition and Projects.

30th - 31st May 2014

Personally, Locally, Globally collaboration with Kate Theodore

part of 24 Hours Salisbury in association with NewRED and Salisbury Art Centre, UK 

13th June 2014

Fabric of Life

An evening of art performances inspired by Nepal

The Great Hall, Winchester. UK

6-8pm Free Entry

2nd - 19th September 2014

Transient Components (solo show)

VDU menu galerija„101”, Kaunas, lithuania



Black Ink, Water 2014 


Art work featured on Massive Attack - Karmacoma Vinyl sleeve, as part of ‘Record Store Day’ and Secret 7” 

 Secret 7” is a charity collaboration between Universal Music Group, The Vinyl Factory factory, local charity War Child UK, Mother/London and Record Store Day UK.

Earthquake 2014


 FORMA 3 Hours Performance

Audio: Bernardita Croxatto – Santiago. Chile

Performers, Fabric, Flour: Emma Dixon, Kimvi Nguyen, Andrea Willette – Bath. UK

A dialogue of geographic displacement through site, audio, action and material.

Walcot Chapel Gallery, Bath. UK

Black Balloons, Breath - Paris 2014


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dot.spot.period a collaboration with SM-LL


dot.spot.period from SM-LL

dot.spot.period is an artwork limited to only nine, uniquely and individually created by artist Kimvi Nguyen.

dot.spot.period was created in response to the conceptual album Default 0002 by Pokk! and comes with this album included.

This work comes framed, each with unique dot.spot.period positioning, and is selected and posted directly by the artist.


Dot , Perforated Paper 2014

Bamboo 2014

Artwork for Pelotons


Pussy Willow, Willow, Paper 2013

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Self portrait with Willow 2013
Collaboration with Staff and students at Winchester College
Work created in response to Artist in residence Laura Ellen Bacon.

Willow Series 2013


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Natural Object Drawings 2013

The Observatory a weekend with Spud.

Drawings created in response to the idea of an artist shelter.

Response from the exchange of conversations and the visit to Lymington Salt Marshes and Winchester Science Centre. 


Matchsticks, Unknown Pod

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Yard and Metre Part 2

Created as part of 10 days Winchester Creative collision . Collaboration between The Hyde Writers and artist from the Yard studios.

The Ink Line  2013 - performed at QEII Theatre, Winchester

Paper, Ink, Bowl, Jug

Collaboration by Kimvi Nguyen and  Stephen Boyce


Would like to thank

The hyde writers , Jane Price , Beatrix Kovacs, Hugh Greasley, 10 days Creative Collision 2013 and Winchester Collage.

Yard and Metre Part 1 

Created as part of 10 days Winchester Creative collision . Collaboration between The Hyde Writers and artist from the Yard studios.

Exhale 2013

Plinth, OHP Projector, Acetate, Charcoal

Collaboration by Kimvi Nguyen and  Richard Stilman

performed at QEII Theatre, Winchester

Huuuuuuuuuu Hu Huuuuuuuu Hu Huuuuuuuu

Each has one exhalation

(one does not breath in) 

The Haiku created for ’ Exhale’ developed into a simple breathing performance, performed live on the evening by Richard and I. Materials used was a OHP projector, Powdered charcoal, Acetate with the ’ Exhale’ haiku printed on. Our breath moved the fragments of charcoal that covered the surface of the OHP  to revealed the words over time.


Archive : (Installation Proposal) 2013

Kate Theodore and Kimvi Nguyen

Winchester Cathedral : Triforium Gallery
Part of 10 days Winchester Creative Collision


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Ink and magnet drawing in response to my participation at SELF/sPORTRAIT 2:0 performance by Thomas John Bacon at Birmingham Cathedral October 2013

TheBlueBalloon Forrest Installation 2013- DragonFly Festival, Sweden


A project created from LED lights, Blue Balloons and White plastic bags.

The materials were chosen because they were compact and light weight, as well as being waterproof. The installation was visible at night.

Thank you DragonFly Festival